Content of this article:definition stair case technical term:stairs,stair line of nosing case,rise,tread,nosing,fliers,winders,flight,landing,line of nosing,scotia block,string or stringers,headroom,Line of walking,Railing,baluster,Newel posts,pitch and soffit.


Definitions of Technical terms used in stair case


    1. Stairs. Stairs are steps arranged in series for the purpose of an assess from one floor to the other.
    2. Stair-case. The room or apartment in which stairs are enclosed, is called stair-case.
    3. Rise. It is the vertical distance between the two conse­cutive steps. The vertical portion of the step is called
    4. Tread. The horizontal portion of the step is called tread. The horizontal distance between the two consecutive risers is called Go, Going or Run.
    5. Nosing. It is the front edge of the tread which projects beyond the riser.
    6. Fliers.The rectangular steps of uniform shape and size are called Fliers.
    7. Winders.The triangular or wedge shaped steps, used for changing the direction are called winders.
    8. Flight. It is a continuous series of steps in one direction,, separated by horizontal platforms or winders.
    9. Landing. It is the horizontal platform provided at the top-of a flight. If the landing is of a rectangular shape, having a length equal to twice the width of the stairs, the landing is called Half Space Landing. If on the other hand, the stairs run at right angles to each other and are separated by a square landing, the landing is-called Quarter Space Landing.
    10. Line of nosing. It is the imaginary line joining the ends of nosing of all the steps.
    11. Scotia block. It is a triangular wooden block used below the nosing to give it additional strength.
    12. Strings or stringers. These are inclined members which support the steps.
    13. Headroom. It is the vertical distance between the line: of nosing and this under surface or ceiling of the stair-case or the next flight.
    14. Line of walking. The tendency of a person going on the stair is to walk along a line which is nearly 45 cm from the centre of the hind rail. This imaginary line is called Line of walking.
    15. Railing.This is a moulded block of wood or some other material, provided to afford assistance and safeguard to persons while going on the stairs. The height of a railing should be nearly-75 cm above the line of nosing.
    16. Balusters. These are short vertical members which support the hand-railing.
    17. Balustrade or Banister. The composite member c insisting of a hand rail, balusters, newel posts is called balustrade.
    18. Newel posts. These are principal  balusters used at the ‘top and bottom of a flight.
    19. Pitch or slept. It is the angle which the line of nosing of the stairs makes with the horizontal.
    20. Soffit. It is the under surface of a stair.