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Drying operation of moulded bricks

            Before burning of moulded bricks  it is essential that the bricks have dried and have become sufficiently hard to be handled and stacked in clamps or kilns without getting damaged. Also if the bricks have not com­pletely dried. then they are likely to get cracked and distorted when burnt in the kiln.* The following points are kept in view to ensure successful completion of drying operation.

(i)        As soon as the moulded bricks become dry enough so that they do not get damaged on handling they should be turned on edge and left for a day or two more to further harden. In the initial stages of drying bricks should be protected from severe sun and winds as otherwise rapid drying of bricks might result in their developing cracks.

(ii)       They should then be stacked in such a way that each brick gels fall circulation of air all around it. Best form of stack is of a breadth equal to two bricks laid longitudinally with intervals between them. (Fig. 2.6). The alternate layers being along and across the stack and all placed on edges.

completion of Drying operation of moulded bricks

(iii)     The drying area should be higher than the surroundings so that it does not get flooded due to any occasional rain. (In India manufacture of bricks is usually suspended during monsoons). It should have a gentle slope to facilitate drainage of rain water.

(iv)      A layer of sand should be spread at the drying area so as to keep it dry in wet weather.

(v)       To protect the drying bricks from damage caused by occasional rains temporary bamboo frames and sirki should be provided. The sirkis should be weighed down with heavy planks to stop them from being blown away by winds. The height of stack may be of eight to ten layers of bricks.

A gap of about 1 metre should be left between adjacent stacks so as to facilitate free movement of workers.

Length and height of all the stacks should be kept the same. Every stack should contain bricks in multiples of a thousand. This shall make it easy to count the number of bricks. Depending upon weather it takes three to eight days for bricks to thoroughly dry.