Content of the article : methods of improving the bearing capacity of soils

 Methods of Improving the Bearing Capacity of soils

The bearing capacity of a soil mainly depends on the closeness of its particles. The bearing capacity of a soil can be increased by the following methods:

By increasing the depth of foundation.

The compactness of the foil increases as we go below the ground level. As the bearing capacity directly depends on the compactness of the soil, it will go on increasing as the depth of foundation is increased.

By draining of the sub-soil under.

 Water reduces the cohe­sive properties and hence reduces the bearing capacity of the soil. By draining off water from the sub-soil the bearing capacity of the soil is certainly increased.

By compacting the soil.

 If the soil is compacted thoroughly, the voids are decreased and bearing capacity is increased.

By confining the soil and preventing it form spreading and lateral movement.

 Spreading soils, if confined by sheet piling will resist more leads, that is, their bearing capacity will increase.

By increasing the width of foundation.

By increasing the width of foundations, the intensity of load is decreased and on the same soil more loads can be placed. (Virtually speaking the bearing capacity of that particular area of the soil is increased).

By hardening the soil by grouting, i.e. pumping in the cement -grout into the ground.

 By grouting, the cohesive properties are in­creased and the soil will be able to take up more loads.

By solidifying the ground by chemical processes.

In this case also the soil is compacted by mixing certain chemicals such as ‘ calcium chloride etc.