Comparison of Brick Masonry and Stone Masonry

Comparison of Brick Masonry and Stone Masonry,Brick masonry,Stone masonry,

Masonry is the art of the construction in brick or stone. Except in dry masonry some mortar is used to bind the bricks or blocks of stones, with each other. There are in general two types of masonry, viz., Brick Masonry and Stone masonry. Brick masonry is that in which bricks are used while in stone masonry, stone blocks are used.

 Comparison of Brick Masonry and Stone Masonry

  1. Generally brick masonry is cheaper than stone masonry and can be easily constructed.
  2. The minimum, thickness of wall in stone masonry can be 35 cm whereas, in brick masonry, walls of 10 cm thickness can be constructed.
  3. The brick masonry construction proceeds very quickly whereas the stone masonry construction proceeds vary slowly, as the bricks are handy whereas stones are not.
  4. Skilled masons are required for stone masonry construc­tion, whereas unskilled laymen can do the brick masonry work.
  5. Brick masonry requires less mortar whereas stone masonry requires more mortar which cannot be easily estimated.
  6. Stone masonry is stronger and more  durable brick masonry.
  7. It is not essential to plaster the stone masonry walls where­as brick walls have to be plastered or painted, when exposed to the open atmosphere.
  8. Bricks are of an absorbent nature and no absorbing moisture make the buildings damp, but stones are less adsorbent, and hence stone masonry walls or buildings are more damp proof.
  9. Brick masonry work cannot be allowed to come in contact with urine, sewage etc., without protecting them, whereas this is not the case with stone masonry.
  10. Brick masonry is more fire-resistant than stone masonry.
  11. Good ornamental work can be cheaply and easily done in plaster in case of brick masonry, but it is not possible in stone masonry.
  12. Being uniform and regular in shape, proper bond can be easily obtained in case of bricks as compared with stones. Similarly, obtuse and acute angle joints can be easily provided with brick in masonry than stone masonry.
  13. Brick absorbs less quantity of heat than stone, therefore in not climates, during nights, stone walls emit mere quantity of heat and make sitting in the room uncomfortable.

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  2. Some advantages of brick masonry includes:
    Bricks are light weight, and are easier to handle
    All types of mortar can be used for brick masonry which is certainly not the case when stones are being used
    Thinner walls can be constructed using bricks, while this is something that can not be achieved via stones

  3. There are various advantages of brick walls, first it is extremely strong and durable. Since, brick is solid it is capable of eroding multiple blows and shots without faltering in the crush. Along, with that bricks do not imprint and even termites are not capable of eating heating mud. Moreover, brick walls helps in increasing the value of your home.

  4. Great distinctions between brick and stone! Largely it sounds like the benefits go to brick masonry but I’ll always prefer the look of stone piecework and custom designs 🙂

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