Types of beam

Learn: Types of beam: in strength of material, Cantilever beam, Simply supported beams,  Overhanging beam, Fixed beams,and Continuous beam.

The following are the Important types of beam

Types of Beam

1. Cantilever beam,

2. Simply supported beam,

3. Overhanging beam,

4. Fixed beams, and

5. Continuous beam.

1. Cantilever beam

A beam which is fixed at one end and free at the other end, is known as cantilever beam. Such beam is shown in Fig.

cantilever beam
cantilever beam

2. Simply Supported beam

A beam supported or resting freely on the supports at its both ends, is known as simply supported beam. Such beam is shown in Fig.

Simply Supported beam
Simply Supported beam

3. Overhanging Beam

If the end portion of a beam is extended beyond the support, such beam is known as overhanging beam. Overhanging beam is shown in Fig.

Over Hanging beam
Over Hanging beam

4. Fixed Beam

A beam whose both ends are fixed or built-in walls, is known as fixed beam. Such beam is shown in Fig. A fixed beam is also known as a built-in or encastred beam.

Fixed beam
Fixed beam

Continuous Beam

A beam which is provided more than two supports as shown in Fig. is known as continuous beam.

Continuous beam
Continuous beam

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