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Purposes of detailed estimate | The Use of estimation

 Purposes of detailed estimate

• In Government Organisation, a detailed estimate is required for obtaining technical sanction from the competent authorities for the proposed work.

• A detailed estimate is also required for the preparation of contract (agreement) document.

• The detailed estimates serve as a guide during the execution of the work.

• It helps in computing the quantities of materials required and labour to be employed for the completion of various items of construction.

• It is very useful in the efficient planning and programming of all activities required for the speedy completion of the work.

• It enables to prepare bar-chart, material schedules etc. for the work.

The Use of estimation

• To get appropriate idea of the proposed work before its execution.

• It helps in working out the quantities of various materials required and also in preparation of material schedules.

• The labour force required for various items of construction can be worked out considering the specified work time.

• The various types of tools, plants and machinery required for the work can be ascertained.

• It helps in the preparation of bar-charts and cash flow schedules etc. for the speedy completion of the work.

• The overall economy in the completion of the project can also be achieved by the judicious combination of the various activities.