• Duty of well water is expressed as for tank irrigation.
  • Discharge of the well can be easily found out and then area of crop matured by this discharge, can be expressed as so many hectares per cumec.
  • Duty of well water is usually more than the duty of water obtained from tanks or irrigation channels. Following are the reasons for this
  1. .. Well is usually located in the middle of the area it has to irrigate.
  2. This aspect reduces the length of the channels and thus evaporation
  3. losses are very much reduced during conveyance of water.
  4. Moreover channels are very small and are usually lined which furth eliminate the loss of water by seepage.
  5. The water is given to the field only when it is most required.
  6. ..Field Kiaries are usually very small in relation to tank or canal irrigation.
  7. Water spreads on the Kiary in a very short time, allowing minimum loss by drip
  8. Wells are generally one’s individual property.
  9. The farmer can run it as and when he desires.
  10. If there are rains wells are not required to be run.
  11. On the other hand canals will continue to supply water irrespective of there being rain or not.