Following are the methods of surface irrigation:

  1. Wild or uncontrolled flooding.
  2. Free flooding.
  3. Contour laterals.
  4. Border strip method.
  5. Check flooding method.
  6. Basin flooding method.
  7. Zigzag method.
  8. Furrowed method.

All these methods have been explained one by one.

1. Wild or Uncontrolled Flooding.

  • In this method water is applie to rather unprepared fields without exercising any control on the direction of spread of water.
  • No levees are generally made to guide the spread of water

2. Free Flooding.

  • This method is a somewhat improve method than wild or uncontrolled flooding method.
  • This method is mainly adopted where fields have not been properly prepared and field soil is so hard
  • That it will allow very small amount of water to be absorbed by top soil before flooding water gets evaporated.FREE FLOODING
  • allowed to flood or spread on whole of the field so as to give time to the soil to absorb sufficient amount of water.
  • The fields are provid with permanent supply water course.
  • This method is very much prevalent in most parts of U.P. where soil is of very heavy type.