Based upon the uses of irrigation water, the crops can be classified as wet crops and dry crops.

  1. Wet Crops. Wet crops are those crops which require irrigation water.
  2. Dry Crops. These are such crops which do not require irrigation water.
  • All the crops require moisture to maintain their growth.
  • Some crops require less amount of water while others more quantity of water.
  • Any crop may be dry crop or wet crop.
  • It all depends upon the rainfall and water requirements of the crops.
  • If rainfall is causal then only such crops should be sown as dry crops which require comparatively less amount of water.
  • If rainfall is quite enough for ordinary cereal crops they can be sow dry crops.
  • The same crops which can be soar as dry crop in moderate rainfall region can be soar as wet crop in areas of scanty rainfall.
  • The crops which require lot of water and that too for quite a long base period, can generally be grown by irrigation only.
  • Dry crops are generally those crops which require very little water and that water is supplied by natural rainfall.
  • Yield of wet crop is more than dry crop.