• A soil is said to be fertile when it contains all the nutrients which essential for growing a healthy crop.
  • Presence of nitrogen, organic materials, and soluble compounds in a soil are the usual fertilizing agents.
  • Physical properties of soil, adequate amount of water and drainability of the soil are such elements
  • which help in making fair utilisation of the nutrients.
  • Fertility of the soil can be maintained by following measures.
  1. By spreading all the farm wastes in the field.
  2. On disintegration they supply fertilizing agents to the soil.
  3. Preparing land by scientific methods.
  4. Practicing rotation of crops, and further by introducing leguminous crop in the rotation.
  5. By applying suitable chemical fertilizer.
  6. By green manure.
  7. By adopting measures which prevent soil erosion.
  8. By allowing storm dust to be entrapped in freshly ploughed fields.
  9. By allowing silt of water deposit in fields.
  10.  By applying composite manure to the fields from time to time.