Spherical flow in a well

Spherical flow in a well


  • Such a condition of (low in the well happens when well just penetrates the top surface of the confined aquifer as shown in Fig. 7.13. Since flow towards the well is purely spherical, formula 16 does not apply.
  • The discharge from such a well can be found out from equation

Qs = 2π kr (H – h)

Spherical flow in a well


  • For the case of simple radial flow in a fully penetrating well, the discharge Q is give By.


\[Q= \frac{2\pi kb(H-h)}{log_{e}\frac{R}{r}}\]


\[\frac{Q_{s}}{Q}= \frac{2\pi kr(H-h)}{2\pi kb(H-h)}\times log_{e}\frac{R}{r}\]


\[= \frac{rlog_{e}\frac{R}{r}}{b}= 2.3\frac{r}{b}log_{10}\frac{R}{r}\]



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