Failure of the well or reduction in the yield is not uncommon.

Following may be the reason and remedies.

  • Reduction of discharge may be due to a draft greater than the percolation of water.
  • Lowering the pumps may increase the yield for the time being, but permanent remedy is to reduce pumpage.
  • The casing pipe or screen pipe may have collapsed, partially or completely, blocking the flow of water.
  • This trouble necessitates replacement of the casing or screen pipes.
  • If the material in which the well is drilled is unconsolidated it may have to be abandoned.
  • Casing pipe may have corroded or leaked.
  • Due to this, water may escape out into the ground or contaminated ground water may enter the well.
  • The remedy lies in withdrawing and replacing the casing pipe.
  • The life of the casing pipe depends upon the character of water handled by it.
  • If water being handled is highly corrosive, C.I. or concrete casing may be used.
  • Screens cause trouble by corrosion or incrustation.
  • There is little that can be done about corrosion, but some remedies are available against incrustation.
  • All forms of incrustation are remedied by acid treatment.