Before finally selecting the reservoir site following factors should be seriously considered.

  1. Catchment area should have such geological conditions that percolation and absorption losses are minimum.
  2. Available run-off should be maximum.
  3. The site should be free from fissured rocks.
  4. This will avoid possibilities of leakage when reservoir is full to capacity.
  5. The reservoir site must have adequate capacity.
  6. The reservoir basin should have a deep narrow opening in the valley so that the length of the dam may be kept minimum.
  7. Heavily silt laden tributaries should not lead their discharge to the reservoir.
  8. Suitable site for dam should be available.
  9. It will be an ideal site if dam is constructed atthe narrow and shallow part of the river which lies down stream of the deep river.
  10. It is very important point as cost of dam is often a controlling factor in selection of the reservoirs site.
  11. Site should be such that deep reservoir is formed.
  12. Deep reservoir would store more of water and expose minimum area at the surface for evaporation.
  13. If earthen dam is propose to be construct, then separate suitable site for spillway works should be available.
  14. Reservoir site should be well connecte by rail and road.
  15. Materials for the construction of dam should be available nearby.
  16. The soil formation at reservoir site should be free from harmful salts.
  17. If reservoir water is to be use for irrigation, the dam site should be near the area propose to be irrigate.
  18. This would reduce the length of the canal system and consequently the cost of the project.
  19. Reservoir should not submerge habited area or areas of fertile lands or gardens.
  20. River banks should be hard, strong and high so that cost on river training works is minimum.