• Flood routing is a process with the help of which characteristics of hydrograph of a flood, entering the reservoir are completely change when it emerges out of the reservoir.
  • The change in flood hydrograph characteristics takes place because certain volume of flood is store in the reservoir temporarily.
  • The base of the modified hydrograph, which emerges from the reservoirs becomes wider and its penk gets reduced.
  • The extent by which the inflow hydrograph gets changed due to reservoir storage can be computed by a process.
  • It is an important technique with the help of which solution of a flood control problem is arrived at.
  • In flood routing problem one has to calculate water levels in the reservoir, the storage quantities and outflow rates.
  • It is used to determine the level upto which water may rise during floods and also the rate of the discharge in the down stream channel when a particular flood passes through it.