Board recommendations are as follows:

  • In order to deal the problem of floods on a comprehensive basis very sustain and systematic efforts are need, both at administration level and general public level.
  • These tasks are very huge is magnitude and hence measures of protection from floods should be progressively undertak.
  • Even the best flood control measures do not provide complete protection and are aim at provid reasonable degree of protection.
  • projects, Central Govt.
  • should also take initiative in the matter.
  • Flood control measures should form an integrat part of the overall development of the region in respect of water resources, economic perspective, ecological and humanitarian considerations.
  • The flood management in a particular areas should form a part of package of measures of comprehensive plan for that area.
  • Different alternatives with various degree of min of measures should be work out and analysed for optimisation.
  • Reservoirs must he consider an important component in any package of measures provid they are technically and economically viable.
  • Use of natural detention basins for flood moderation should be used if condition permit.
  • Channel improvement measures should be considered with due caution because they are costly in initial as well as maintenance cost.
  • While using embankments, their side effects and associated problems should be carefully studied.
  • Measures like flood plain regulation, flood forecasting and warning, flood proofing, disaster preparedness should be adopt to reduce the susceptibility to life and property.
  • This is essential as engineering measures by themselves cannot provide protection from all floods.
  • Disaster relief, remission of Tanes, provision of taccavi loan etc.
  • should be continue on humanitarian considerations.
  • Crop insurance and insurance schemes for damage to properties should be liberally continu.
  • Anti-erosion works should be taken up for protection of railway lines, roads.