Following points should be considered while choosing site for measurement of discharge.

A. For Canal

  1. The canal should be straight for at least 10 times the width of the canal.
  2. The canal should be in its true section. If possible the bed and the bank slopes should the pitched so as to maintain a true design section.
  3. The site should be away from the bridge, fall, or regular, as flow of water at such places is not uniform.
  4. The canal should neither be scouring nor silting atthe point i.e. the canal should be in regime condition.

B. For Rivers

  1. The river should be straight for substantial length both at downstream and upstream of the site.
  2. The river section should be neither too narrow nor too wide.
  3. The river section should neither be silting nor scouring.
  4. The velocity of flow in the river should be laminar and not turbulent.
  5. The river should flow in one stream only.
  6. The site should be away from dam, weir or barrage.
  7. Other small streams and tributaries should not be meeting the main river in the vicinity of the site.