Following points should be considered while selecting the site for the dam.

  • Suitable foundation for the dam should be available.
  • The width of the river at dam site should be minimum so as to keep the length of the dam minimum and thus economical.
  • In order to provide large basin for the reservoir, the site should open out upstream.

selection of site for dam

  • If river is deep, but there is raised bed level existing, the dam should preferably be located at the raised bed.
  • This will help in keeping height of the dam less. Such a situation.
  • Proper separate site for location of spillways should be available.
  • If separate spillway site is not available, the width of the river should be sufficient to locate spillway in the dam proper.
  • The materials of construction for the dam should be locally available.
  • Very costly land should not submerge in water because of the construction of the dam.
  • The site should be well connected either with railway or highway or both.
  • This will facilitate transport of cement, machinery and other materials required in the construction.
  • The site should be such that leakage through its sides and bed is minimum.
  • Highly permeable rocks should be absent from the site.
  • Site should such that the reservoir developed is deep and having minimum spread of water.
  • ┬áSite should be such that the tributaries carrying very high content of silt do not lead to the reservoir developed by the dam.