• As the name of this dam indicates, it is constructed by using locally available soil predominantly.
  • These dam have been constructed since early days of civilisation.
  • Even today, earthen dams are the most common types of dams.
  • The following are the main reasons due to which these dams have been and still continue to be the most commonly used types.
  • The basic material used in the construction, is the local soil.
  • This aspect makes these dams economical.

Rolled fill earth dam.

  • The science of soil mechanics has recently developed to such a stage that dams constructed from earth by adopting the modern theories of soil mechanics, can be as equally relied upon as those of gravity dams.
  • No specific type of foundation is required.
  • They can be constructed on any type of foundation.
  • No skill of very high standard is required.
  • No materials has to be imported from outside.