There are some advantages of concrete dams described as following:

  1. The maintenance cost of gravity dams is very small.
  2. Spill ways can be installed in the dam itself and no separate site for them is required.
  3. They can be constructed for very large heights.
  4. Ice and other outer effects do not affect the stability of the dam.
  5. Water is not lost by seepage.
  6. Outlet sluices may be installed in the dam.
  7. At valleys where side slopes are very steep, only this dam is found as the most suitable choice.
  8. This dam gives pre-warning before failure. If timely measures are taken, the dam may even be made safe.


There are some disadvantages of concrete dams as below:

1. They are very costly.

2. They require very skilled labor for construction.

3. They have to be continuously cured during construction.

4. Large calculation work is involved in their design.

5. They require a solid hard foundation.

6. The height of the dam cannot be increased later.