Dynamic Force on Spillways


  • There is a continuous change in the velocity of water when water flows over the curved surface of the ogee spillway.
  • The continuous change in velocity phenomenon induces a change in momentum from section to section and thus causes a force on the spillway structure.
  • This force is a know as dynamic force.
  • Consider two sections A and B of water on the curved surface.
  • The resultant of the forces on the element of water is as follows.

\[\Sigma F= pQ\bigtriangleup V\]


\[\Sigma F= pQ(V_{2}-V_{1})\]


\[r=\frac{w}{g}=Mass -density- of- water\]


V2-V1=change in velocity from section B to A

\[Resolving -equation .\Sigma F=pQ(V_{2}-_{1})horizontally.and .vertically- we -get\]

\[\Sigma F_{h}= pQ(V_{2}h-V_{1_{h}})\]

fig 14.11

  • The forces Fh and Fv are the forces acting on free body of water.
  • These forces include gravity force, hydrostatic pressures and reactions of any object in contact with water.


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