• A typical layout of a diversion head work is shown in Fig. 15.1.
  • Following is the list of component parts of a diversion headworks.
  • The design and description details of all these components given one by one in subsequent articles.
  1. Weir or barrage.
  2. Scouring sluices or under sluices.
  3. Divide wall.
  4. Fish ladder.
  5. Log chutes.
  6. Canal head regulator.
  7. River training works.
  8. Silt control devices

Fig. 15.1. Layout of a diversion head works.


  • Out of all these component parts river training works include lot of other elements also and hence have been discussed in a separate chapter later on.
  • Before we take up description and design of all these component parts of a diversion headworks, let us first of all discuss location of head works.