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The subject of Civil Engineering though simple, proves to be difficult to engineering students as it is very descriptive in nature. An attempt is, therefore, made in this free civil engineering subjects tutorial to explain the topics of the civil subjects in engineering in simple and lucid language.

This free civil engineering subjects tutorial comprises all Civil Engineering Subjects/civil subjects in engineering.There are many good websites on Civil Engineering Subjects,e.g. Theory of structure,RCC,Steel structure Design, Building construction,Roads,Water supply and sanitary engineering etc. seperately, but there is hardly any website covering all the Civil subjects in Engineering in one. This attempt has been made to facilitate studying of All the Civil Engineering Subjects in one place at our website free civil engineering subjects tutorial The unique features of the website is that it is completely published in metric units. It contains self- Explanatory and neatly drawn sketches.Typical questions with solution follow each web page. We hope that the web pages in the website will widen the scope of the website and meet the approval of the student, teachers and practising engineers.

The free civil engineering subjects tutorial/civil subjects in engineering covers the syllabi prescribed by almost all the universities of India.The website civiltutorial will therefore be useful to students preparing either for Degree civil subjects in engineering or Diploma civil subjects in engineering examinations and also for Examinations governed by various professionals bodies.Teachers and serviceman.