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Development of fluid mechanics


Fluid mechanics is that branch of science which deals with the behaviour of the fluids at rest as well as in motion. In general the scope of fluid mechanics is very wide which includes the study of all liquids and gases. But usually it is confined to the study of liquids and those gases for which the effects due to compressibility may be neglected. The gases with appreciable compressibility effects are governed by the laws of Thermodynamics which are however dealt with under the subject of Gas dynamics. The problems, man encountered in the fields of water supply, irrigation, navigation and water power, resulted in the development of the fluid mechanics. However, with the exception of Archimedes (250 B.C.) Principle which is considered to be as true today as some 2250 years ago, little of the scant knowledge of the ancients appears in modern fluid mechanics. After the fall of…

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Definition of fluid

Definition of fluid

Learn : Definition of fluid,liquid ,gas,vapour,ideal fluid,practical or real fluid,what is a fluid,what is a fluid give example,is liquid is fluid, what is fluid and its classification. DEFINITION OF  FLUID What is fluid and its classification? A fluid is defined as a substance which is capable of flowing. It has no definite shape of its own, but conforms to the shape of the containing vessel. Further, even a small amount of shear force exerted on a fluid will cause it to undergo a deformation which continues as long as the force continues to be applied. A liquid A liquid is a fluid, which possesses a definite volume, which varies only slightly with temperature and pressure. Since under ordinary conditions liquids are difficult to compress, they may be for all practical purposes regarded as incompressible. It forms a free surface or an interface separating it from the atmosphere or any other…

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