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Civil engineering

A branch of engineering that encompasses the conception, design, construction, and management of residential and commercial buildings and structures, water supply facilities, and transportation systems for goods and people, as well as control of the environment for the maintenance and improvement of the quality of life. Civil engineers include planning and design professionals in both the public and private sectors, contractors, builders, educators, and researchers.
We claim no originality in this work.A website such as this, devoted to basic aspects of Civil engineering Tutorial cannot claim to contain any original work,and only material collected over the year is presented. but sufficient pain have been taken in preparing it.We have tried to explain the subject matter lucidly with the help of numerous sketches which have been prepared by us. The subject matter has been treated on a descriptive basis as is required in the syllabus.We feel that with the publication of this work,teaching all the civil engineering tutorial subjects to the students will present no difficulty.

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