Estimating Costing

For the construction of structures like buildings, canals, bridges, roads, water tanks, tunnels etc. estimates are required to be prepared. Thus, a course on “Estimating and Costing” is published for the benefit of Vth semester students of Civil Engineering group. This subject is very important for all Civil Engineering students. This course is published according to the new curriculum of semester pattern . This course has latest rates of materials and labour and also has information about D.S.R. for 2021-2022. Though the course is published for every students but it is very informative about estimates and its procedure and may be very helpful to students of degree in Engineering and Professional Engineers working in field.

estimating costing course fulfils the requirements of curriculum of AMIE, B.Tech. and other civil engineering courses for autonomous institutes.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3 Months

Course Instructor

sanjay sharma sanjay sharma Author

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This course has many solved examples which are required to understand the subject and are required to be practiced by students from examination point of view. Students can prepare estimates, rates analysis and also able to calculate material required for a project.

Key features of this course are

  • Technical matter is written in simple and lucid language.
  • All chapters are covered with important points and practice questions.
  • About the chapter is written at the beginning of chapter to give a brief idea of the content of the chapter.
  • Examination oriented questions are covered with solutions and key answers.
  •  chapter of this book is incorporated with suitable sketches whenever necessary.

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