Silt control at head regulator

SILT CONTROL AT HEAD REGULATOR Excess silt entering into the main canal has to be prevented by all the possible means. If excess silt gets

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Regulation of head regulator

REGULATION OF HEAD REGULATOR In order to control silt entry into the canal, following two methods of regulation of a head regular may be adopted.

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Fish ladder

Table of Contents1 FISH LADDER1.1 LOG CHUTE FISH LADDER A fish ladder is a fish pass provide along the divider wall to enable migrating fishes

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Main canal head regulator

MAIN CANAL HEAD REGULATOR It is a masonry or concrete structure, constructe at the head of the canal taking off from the river. It is

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Divide wall

DIVIDE WALL It is also called groyne, or groyne wall. It is an embankment constructed in the river, U/S of the weir. Its axis is

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Scouring or under sluices

Scouring or under sluices

Table of Contents1 SCOURING OR UNDER SLUICES1.0.0.1 Design of undersluices. SCOURING OR UNDER SLUICES These are the openings in the weir. They are forme by

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