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Civil Engineering is used in almost all structures and hence understanding of structural designs of various structural elements is most essential for all civil engineers. Design of various elements play a vital role in the safety and stability of any structure. Thus, proper knowledge of fundamentals of civil engineering subjects designs is necessary for practising engineers for understanding and achieving quality, progress, economy and safety at the construction site. Proper knowledge of fundamentals of civil engineering subjects design also helps in seeking good employment, fast professional growth and reputation. Most of the structures have many types of RCC elements and hence safe design of any structure requires thorough knowledge of design of various RCC elements.

The Membership has been developed keeping in mind the limitations of present-day students and basic principles of learning. Each chapter starts with statement of learning objectives to clarify the knowledge explained in the chapter. Provision of objective questions at the end of each chapter facilitates the students for self-evaluation of their learning.

This also helps the teacher for making teaching effective. Summary at the end of each chapter brings out key points for easy grasping of important basic knowledge and recall of such knowledge whenever required prior to examination or competitive examination for employment. Each design emphasises provision of IS codal specifications for safety, quality, durability and serviceability of all the structure. Proper design, quality and construction technique of civil engineering subjects affect the strength, stability and life of the structure. All civil engineers are required to have the basic knowledge of design, quality and construction techniques and hence it is mandatory for all civil engineering students at various levels to understand and master fundamentals ofcivil engineering subjects designs.

The membership site have done an excellent job to explain the designs of various civil engineering subjects elements very effectively in their courses on Fundamentals of civil engineering subjects Designs. The course meets long standing need for a comprehensive treatment on the important subject of civil engineering subjects designs. Needless to say, India has already became a global destination, thanks to the maturity of Indian democracy. During this crucial juncture, I am sure, this membership will be of immense help to all namely students, teachers and practising field engineers and supervisors at various levels.

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